Are you new to mail art?

To learn more about the mail art movement, visit Wikipedia’s page.

To watch videos on mail art and to learn some creative techniques, check out You TubeI am hoping to make a video later in the year where I show you how I create my postcards. Subscribe to the blog to be notified of this (links on the sidebar). Never got a chance to do this!

New participants to mail art need not feel intimidated. If you want to describe a physical location, you can use collage and other materials that make reference to the place. For example, if you wanted to depict your visit to the library, you might find some images of libraries online or in magazines. You can add visual elements like old library sign out cards and anything else that is relevant to you.

Many people share mail art sent & received on their blogs. Do a google search for mail art, postal art, correspondence art, etc.


Good Mail Day by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler offers a great introduction to the movement and to making postal art.  Amazon linkChapters/Indigo link

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