This is where I go is a mail art exhibition with a local (Vancouver, Canada) and worldwide call for 4 by 6 inch postcards.

My objective for this exhibition is to affirm everyone’s potential for creativity and to introduce my local Vancouver community to a movement they can be part of. While mail art may have started as a free exchange of postal messages between artists or between artists and their audience, today mail art is practiced by a loose global community of varied backgrounds.

This project consists of an exhibition held at Britannia Art Gallery—a community art gallery– in Vancouver during November 6 to 29 2013 and a free workshop on mail art on June 15 2013.

The Theme – This is where I go

You are free to interpret the theme as you wish. This is where I go could refer to a physical location you visit everyday or on occasion for some specific purpose or, it could be a representation of a place you go to in your mind to escape from reality and the pressures of life.

The Exhibition Space

The exhibition will be held at a community art gallery:
Britannia Art Gallery
1661 Napier St, Vancouver, BC, Canada, map

Documentation Information

A typical mail art catalogue will be produced and since I am scanning all the art work for the blog, I will also design a visual book (using a platform like Blurb) that you will be able to purchase at cost directly through Blurb’s website. The purchase link for the book will be posted here in November 2013 and a copy will be available for viewing at the art gallery during the exhibition.

The book will be a nice visual record of the exhibition and will make for a great reference book to inspire your future mail art projects. Perhaps you’ll also give it as a gift to share your work and initiate someone into the mail art movement.

About the curator

I (Laura Bucci) am a mixed-media artist located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. To learn more about me and my work visit my website at

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