Catalogue and Swap in the mail for 45 participants

Hello there…here is an update on the results of the exhibition.

25 postcards were sold for $5 each which allowed for the creation of a printing & shipping fund. Also, a donation of $5 was received, bringing the total up to $130.

I produced a simple mail art catalogue for participants and was able to ship this along with a postcard swap to the first 41 participants who included a legible return address.  Also, 4 local supporters received something in the mail too.  A total of 45 envelopes shipped.

I hope you will send mail art to some of the participants listed in the catalogue! Isn’t that what being part of the Eternal Network is all about? Making connections worldwide.

The next and last phase of the project is the production of a Blurb book. There is no funding left for this but I think I will still do it and will keep you posted here as well as sending an email alert to those who included their email address.

Thank you all for participating! It has been a great show and a great year for great mail!! ~ Laura

  1. Hi Laura …

    Thanks for the catalogue and the postcard from your mail art exhibit. I’m sorry i was unable to get to see the whole collection, but I appreciated the work you put into project, particularly posting them on the blog regularly – really interesting to see them as they came in. I hope the project lived up to your expectations. :)

    I love the postcard I received as well – thanks! I will definitely be sending out some postcards to some of the artists listed in the catalogue.

    I hope you will let me know if you embark on any other mail art adventures that I can contribute to.

    – Penelope

  2. Hi Penelope,

    Glad you followed along! Yes, this definitely was a great project and I was honoured to have so many people respond to my call. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when I plan other mail art projects. This was a nice simple one to do but now that I’ve done this one, I can see possibilities for variations or more collaborative ideas.

  3. Lori-Anne said:

    Be sure to let me know when you get going on another project!
    This was wonderful to be a part of!
    I wish I’d not left it late, so I could have been one of the lucky recipients of the catalogue & swap. Thwarted by my own procrastination again! :-)

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